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The biggest problem we face today is not exploring space, but getting to space. Because the industry is still using technology proven to work in the sixties, we have to throw away the transport to get us to low earth orbit. So every time we build a 100 million dollar rocket, it goes into the ocean.

Companies have been trying to change that. They have been working on returning the stages of the rocket they send up.

Like most industries working on expanding, they are approaching it from the wrong direction. What needs to be done is address the engine, not the rocket. SpaceX as well as Orbital and many other companies have amazing flight records and rocket designs that work. They just are using an old engine that does not account for changes in pressure when altitude changes.

That is because the pressure within the traditional bell nozzle remains constant, while the surrounding pressure changes, resulting in loss of thrust. That is why existing rocket companies use stages; they have to ditch the smaller bell nozzle that is effective at ground level for a larger bell nozzle that maintains thrust as they move higher.

With our engine, we have no difference in pressure because the combustion chambers are completely open to the outside air. We run the propellant down the sides of a truncated spike so the plume can expand or contract depended upon the pressure. Long story short, virtually no loss in thrust and 30% more thrust on the launch pad with up to 40% in weight savings.


Hypersonic Consulting

Rocketstar has over 100 years experience combined between its principals and contracting team that can advise on all facets of hypersonic propulsion. From avionics to engine construction, we have the experience and the rapid execution to get the job done. We look forward to servicing all your propulsion needs.

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Small Satellite Launch Platform

Small satellites solve a crucial problem in the satellite community: access to satellite capabilities with a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to launch said satellite both from a cost perspective and a scheduling one. Our launch platform solves both those issues. We offer rideshare and dedicated launch opportunities at severe discounts to other launch providers, and can go from first conversation to launch in 18 months or less. We look forward to discussing your launch needs and booking a ride on a Rocketstar launch vehicle.

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