We're a new type of rocket company creating single stage to orbit engines for the New Space Economy.

Our Vision

To bring to market a proven Aerospike Rocket Engine, which will do for space travel what the jet engine did for air travel.

Overview: The Aerospike Engine

  • There are several compelling attributes of the aerospike rocket engine that are in extremely high demand in the industry. These include single stage to orbit, reusable launch vehicle and vast ROI outperformance.

  • True green technology: propelled by liquid O2 and liquid H2 (water can be used as fuel).


engine shown is the Lockheed Martin XRS-2200

With the de-regulation of space, soon everyone will be using rockets. Our technology will turn the rocket industry into the airline industry. Cheap, reliable transport that can get you anywhere in the world in twenty minutes.

Above all, we're an American company making American products. We are creating something that hasn't existed since the space program, we are creating a sense of National Pride.

We're a New York Company with New York employees. We're rebuilding the economy one employee at a time.