Christopher Craddock Founder & Ceo

I have had a diverse career on Wall Street from trading bonds at Smith Barney to managing alternative portfolios for a private money management firm. I started my career at Gruntal & Co., attaining my series seven license during the start of the equities bear market. I worked with clients to have them invest in Municipal Bonds and diversify away from tech-heavy portfolios. I then continued on to Smith Barney to work with an investment group helping clients further diversify their bond portfolio in SIV’s, CDO’s and other forms of asset-backed paper. Seeing the change in the market again, I attained my series 3 license and began my commodities career at a private money management firm dealing in managed futures and alternative investments such as foreign real estate & sovereign bonds. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from SUNY Stony Brook.

I also have been planning man’s return to space for almost last 20 years, and to that end have been developing a new type of rocket engine through my company Rocketstar, LLC and with the engineers at Stony Brook University. Using this technology, rocket companies can build a true single-stage-to-orbit rocket ship and streamline the process such that it becomes as seamless as servicing an airline.

I have the experience, the passion and the vision to pull this off. I have been planning this for almost 20 years and have been collecting the necessary technical and business experience to complete a lifelong dream. My 15 years of Wall Street experience will contribute greatly to access to future capital as well as navigating the complex financial labyrinths that exist in every company. With a decade of running my own company, I know firsthand the pain of creating, running and living a startup. My experience is not just paper, but real world, and this will get Rocketstar across the line again and again. I hold a B.S. degree in Physics from Stony Brook University and hence I am a physicist at heart who evaluates things from first principles.