The proven ability of the aerospike design to overcome the changes in altitudinal pressure is well known, but what may not be as known are the advancements in materials science and additive manufacturing (aka 3D printing) that have finally made the aerospike not only economically feasible, but the clear choice in rocketing going forward. The engine’s ability to compensate for altitudinal pressures gives us the unique ability to finally get rid of staged vehicles, and create a truly reusable rocket. The days of creating more junk with every launch are over!

Yes. One of our top priorities is to make our vehicles fully reusable, and that starts with the elimination of stages. This has been praised as the “Holy Grail” of rocketry, and we believe we can finally make it a reality.

We plan to be able to launch, recover, refurbish if needed, and re-launch a rocket in six days to start, and hope to move it down to a three day turnaround within a year of operations.