Hypersonic Consulting

Rocketstar develops, tests and implements all manner of propulsion and propulsion related products for clients. Whether its as complex as a fully integrated rocket engine, with cooling systems, avionics, and pump systems. Or its as simple as a second look by an experienced team of engineers that have worked on the X-33, X-34 and other hypersonic aircraft, Rocketstar has the experience, judgement and speed of execution to get the job done. Below are some examples of our research and development for clients. Please contact us for our other services.

Aerospike Engine

Rocketstar has done extensive research on the Aerospike rocket engine, both with solid fuel and with liquid hypergolics. We have developed toroidal spikes for use in boosters and missile technology, as well as for use in larger rockets to support low earth orbit insertion. Rocketstar has also developed linear aerospikes for fixed wing aircraft use in a wide range of payload size. From something as small as an XCOR EZ-Rocket to as large as the space shuttle, Rocketstar has developed and tested engines to support these and many more aircraft. We look forward to working on your specifications to help get your spacecraft into orbit.

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Fusion Thruster

Rocketstar has consulted on a new type of plasma thruster that uses a novel type of fusion to produce an engine that is at least four times better than any thruster out there, with the capability to be as small as a nickel. We feel that this breakthrough will lead to a sea change in intrastellar transportation and make planetary colonization not just feasible, but also comfortable as the time it will take to move to and from will be days not months. Please contact us for more information.

Please also see our article in DSIAC Journal for more information about the Fusion Thruster here

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