Jack Fox Head of Engineering

Jack J. Fox recently retired from NASA after 32 years of service at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He is currently, President of Fox Technical Associates, an aerospace consulting firm. His most recent position with NASA was serving as chief of the Science and Technology Projects Division within the Exploration Research and Technology Programs Directorate where he oversaw science, research, and technology development in areas such as on-orbit robotic satellite servicing, lunar polar resources surface prospecting, lunar lava tube free flyers, swarming robotics, smallsat formation flying, nano launcher liquid oxygen and methane propellant servicing, zero loss cryogenic fluids storage and transfer, smart materials for leak and damage detection, polymer science, applied physics, solid state lighting applications, corrosion protection coatings, precision cleaning, soil mechanics, regolith excavation and transport, 3D robotic construction using regolith, rocket exhaust plume modeling, in situ resource utilization processes, environmental remediation, electrostatic charge mitigation, and dust mitigation as well as space exploration architectural studies for surface systems on planetary bodies, their moons, and near-Earth objects. During this time, he was co-founder of the Swamp Works Innovation Laboratory, founder of the Kennedy Engineering Academy, and co-founder of the Central Florida SmallSat Society.

His other experiences include serving as flight systems engineer for space shuttle orbiter and solid rocket booster auxiliary power unit and hydraulics subsystems, space shuttle orbiter and payloads project engineer and project manager, X-34 and X-37 experiment project manager, Technology Projects Office chief, deputy director of External Relations, Constellation Program facilities manager at NASA Headquarters, and Business Office Chief for the Engineering and Technology Directorate. Outside of NASA, he was founder and president of the Space Coast Chapter of the National Space Society, founder and president of Space Coast Yuri’s Night, and founder and president of the National Air, Sea and Space Foundation

Fox began his career with NASA in 1983 after receiving a Bachelor of Science in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from The Ohio State University. He later received a Master of Science in engineering management from the University of Central Florida. He is also a member of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics and the NASA Speakers Bureau. Fox has received numerous honors including several "On The Spot" Awards, Group Achievement Awards, Center Director's "Gold Dollar," Space Flight Awareness Awards, Astronauts' Office "Silver Snoopy" Award, and the NASA Exceptional Service Medal