RocketStar Takes First Steps Toward Holy Grail of Space Travel: Reusability

Posted on November 20, 2015

RocketStar, LLC announced today that it is prepared to launch its sounding rocket, "The Choppah", from Kennedy Space Center.

The Choppah will be propelled by RocketStar's proprietary 3D-printed aerospike rocket engine, which had a successful Burn Test in the summer. The formal Burn Test, which was executed on behalf of RocketStar by Micro Aerospace Solutions at Kennedy Space Center, was an unqualified success and has paved the way for launch of The Choppah.

Chris Craddock, Founder & CEO of RocketStar, stated, "Fresh on the heels of the success of our initial Burn Test, RocketStar has moved considerably closer to the development of reusable small satellite launchers and daily transportation to space with our development of The Choppah and its highly anticipated upcoming test flight. This test launch will prove that our approach, execution and technology is not only viable, but irresistibly compelling in terms of supplying a dramatically underserved small satellite market."

The Choppah is a five foot sounding rocket designed to reach a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet at the speed of sound (Mach 1). RocketStar is currently awaiting final clearance from NASA and a confirmed launch slot at Kennedy Space Center. "At this point, we're ready for lift off and it's our intention to launch The Choppah in the next 8 weeks, or earlier if possible.", said Craddock.

Lee Wooldridge, CEO of Trailblazer Technologies, LLC stated, "It has been a pleasure partnering with RocketStar, which chose Trailblazer for our core competency in aerospace technology. Indeed, it has been a great experience for us to work with a company poised to disrupt the space industry by helping satisfy the increasingly pent-up demand for small satellite launches.

"Don Platt, CEO of Micro Aerospace, stated, "Micro Aerospace Solutions is pleased to be involved in the testing of this exciting new rocket propulsion system. Its improvements in efficiency and capability are perfectly suited for the new commercial space world. We are proud to have been chosen by RocketStar to provide testing capabilities for this endeavor."

RocketStar, LLC ( is a small satellite launch company based in New York City, which has developed a proprietary aerospike propulsion system for rockets designed to carry small satellites, microsats, nanosats and cubesats into low earth orbit. RocketStar's aerospike engine is differentiated from traditional bell nozzle engines by the significant economies of scale gained from true reusability; single-stage-to-orbit, and altitude compensation capabilities.

Trailblazer Technologies, LLC ( has for the past 30 years served space, military, civilian, and commercial customers by providing performance solutions across a wide spectrum of needs across the enterprise.

Micro Aerospace Solutions ( specializes in engineering services, including electrical and mechanical system design and consultation with an eye towards human-centered design. MAS provides ISO9000 and NASA standard compliances and has deep design expertise in thruster design, propulsion systems, attitude control, and command & data handling communications systems for small spacecraft and nanosatellites.