Robert Briskman Advisory Board

He was the Chief Technical Officer and Executive Vice President, Engineering of Sirius Satellite Radio since its founding in 1991.

Briskman has been involved with communication satellite systems since their inception. Briskman, the technical innovator of mobile satellite radio services, was responsible for the development, implementation and operation of Sirius Satellite Radio’s broadcast distribution system. His technology development responsibility included design of low cost satellite receiving terminals for automobiles and of broadcast sound programming, earth station, terrestrial repeaters and satellite control facilities. During 2000, Briskman launched three Sirius satellites into a unique operational orbital constellation which he designed. The mobile subscriber radios use his patented space and time diversity technology.

Prior to COMSAT, Briskman joined the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during its founding in 1959. At NASA, Briskman was Chief of Program Support for the Office of Tracking and Data Acquisition. He was involved with the development of ground instrumentation for such projects as Apollo, Gemini,Ranger, Mariner, and Echo. Briskman received the Apollo Achievement Award from NASA for the design and implementation of the Unified S-Band System. Before NASA, he was employed by IBM in 1954 and worked on the design of the first asynchronous buffer system. After two years of military service as an Electronic Countermeasures Analyst Officer, for which he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, Briskman was employed by the Army Security Agency. He was engaged in communications systems development and analysis.

As a founding member of NASA, Briskman has the perspective and the experience that literally makes him a living legend. He worked on the entire Apollo program, and when Neil Armstrong radioed that he was on the Moon, it was with Briskman’s technology that made it possible. His real world experience in complex systems management, personnel and all things space related will help Rocketstar achieve its myriad of goals as he helps us usher in the next space age. Out of all of us, he is the only one that can claim and prove direct work with Wernher von Braun and the original Mercury 7. Briskman is an invaluable member of our team.